Firstly Firenze

Well it's been a while! This summer has been the busiest yet and I haven't been able to sit down and write for what seems like forever. Since my last post, tons of fun things have occurred including my two week trip to Italy! I just got back last week and I'm definitely suffering from the post vacation blues, constantly posting beautiful pictures aka pretending I was still there. I started off my trip on July 17th, arriving in Calabria then leaving to Florence a few days later and spending the last few days in Sorrento. The majority of my friends are Italian (blame it on living in New Jersey) and they're all from the same town in Italy. It was wonderful being able to see the town they've spent every summer in and of course the food, to die for.

Next was Florence. This city was just as beautiful as I imagined. Though my least favorite, it was amazing being able to walk through history in a city that MichaelAngelo and Leonardo Da Vinci lived and created in. The food was eh but I wasn't surprised as every large city tends to have food that's heavily commercial. We took a day trip to Venice that was seriously magical and the highlight of my entire trip as well as touring the stunning island of Capri while staying in Sorrento. I'll write more about each city in separate posts since I went crazy with the picture taking.

Now on to the necessities – packing. Life is hard when you go away for two weeks and don't know what to expect. I didn't study abroad in college (biggest regret) so I really had no clue what to expect as I've never gone away for this long. The majority of the clothes I brought were flowy and light as it was 95 degrees in Florence before I left the US.

Since this was my first time in Europe as a whole, I didn't want to overpack but I also wanted to make sure I have enough to last me. I brought so many pairs of shoes but wore the same sandals everyday (my trusty Birkenstocks and strappy Schutz sandals)  since they were the most comfortable.

Style: as I mentioned before, the majority of my outfits were flowy and light (except when I decided to wear all black on our last day.) I brought airy dresses, rompers and shorts that were both cute and comfortable along with one purse that matched with everything and two pairs of sunglasses (though I really could've taken one.)

Musts: while in Florence you must must MUST climb the Duomo. It's just over 400 steps (in the most narrow hallway ever) but absolutely worth it. The view was utterly stunning and you unquestionably feel like you accomplished something when you get to the top. Definitely visit The David as I'm sure we've all learned about Michaelangelo in European history and it's truly amazing to see. I loved visiting the Ponte Vecchio. It's extremely windy on the bridge so if you're wearing a dress make sure to hold it down.

Overall, Florence, you were great but Venice stole the show! Stay tuned for my dreamy post about the lovely city of Venice *heart eyes.*

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