I’m a girl who wears Abercrombie & Fitch

If the title of this post doesn’t take you back to 1999, I’m going to have to question where you’ve been for the past 18 years. Seriously, I haven’t worn A&F since maybe 2007 so when I walked by the store recently and saw a 50% off sign, I needed to take a peek. The radio in my head also played LFO’s Summer Girls over and over as I scanned the store. I quickly noticed the Abercrombie logo was missing from 90% of items and most of these items were actually cute .. very cute. The store surprisingly had a bohemian vibe (my fave) so I tried on a couple things. I left with two tops and a pair of jeans – $60 total. I used to pay $90 for a pair of jeans and now I bought a pair for $39. I was confused but extremely satisfied with my purchases. This brings me to a couple weeks ago when my mom and I decided to go to the New York Botanical Gardens for the day. We went during the annual orchid show and we had the best time as we love anything having to do with plants and flowers. She taught me how to plant in our yard when I was a child so doing things like going to the NYBG for the day makes us really happy and I always have fun going out with my mom. Since I knew we’d spend quite a few hours walking around, I decided to wear something comfortable which brings me to the amazing destroyed bf jeans I got from AbercrombieThese are literally the softest jeans I own and I strongly recommend buying them. I paired these jeans with a black v-neck, my favorite leather jacket from Free People and black mules also from Free People.I truly never thought I’d ever step foot in an Abercrombie again but here I am, 25 years old and 10 years after A&F was essentially my school uniform, wearing their clothes.

Aside from urging you all to check out A&F’s site (they have non-stop sales – it’s insane,) you should try to attend the orchid show at the NYBG at some point.  Here are some pictures of all things beautiful – see it for yourself! Even if you miss the orchid show, the NYBG is a wonderful place to spend a Sunday. Grab someone you love or even go alone and enjoy!  
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