Obsessed: Glossier

To say I’m obsessed with Glossier is a bit of an understatement. I started using this amazing brand back in September when I ordered my first item, Generation G, which is a sheer matte lipstick. I wrote about it here but never went in depth about my obsession. Recently, I ordered a bunch of other items that I am now equally, if not even more obsessed with. IMG_8452First of all, I don’t know what took me so long to try Boy Brow but it’ll forever be part of my beauty routine. I never filled in my brows since mine are already dark but Boy Brow really defines my eyebrows and makes them look fuller/stand out a little more. I then decided to order the Supers which are three different serums with three very different uses.IMG_8453I was going to break down what each serum does but luckily, Glossier already does that for you here. I love them all but Super Bounce is by far my FAVORITE. I already have extremely soft skin and this serum somehow makes it even softer. My second favorite is Super Pure, which I put on every night before moisturizing. Super Pure helps with redness/breakouts and I have yet to get a pimple since starting to use this (knocking on wood!)IMG_8807In this order, I received a sample of the Priming Moisturizer… game changer. As soon as I lathered it on my skin, I knew I needed to buy a full tube. I even had my mom try it and now she wants to try all my beauty products! Since I ordered the Priming Moisturizer about a month after getting all my other Glossier goodies, I purchased Cloud Paint and you guessed it, I’m just as obsessed as I am with everything else.  I’ve used powder blush/bronzer since I started wearing makeup in my early teens and I never really liked the way it made my skin feel or look. I felt and still feel like powdered blush and bronzer didn’t make my skin actually look like skin. With Cloud Paint, my skin looks dewy, hydrated and like skin but with a little bit of added color. My favorite is Dusk since I prefer the bronzey look on my skin tone. I also purchased Puff which is a beautiful light pink. It’ll be perfect in the summer when I have a tan but for now I sometimes put a tiny bit on the apples of my cheeks and my face lights up instantly.IMG_8808I hope that I convinced you all to buy Glossier, I promise your skin will thank you. With that, I’m very excited to announce that I’m a Glossier brand rep! If you click on this link here, you’ll be taken to my rep page which has a video of me awkwardly talking about my skincare/beauty routine and links of my top Glossier picks with mini reviews. Get 20% of your first order and free shipping on orders $30 or more. Enjoy shopping with me!IMG_8809

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