I’m In Love With The Coconut Oil

A couple of years ago, I was told about the benefits of coconut oil. I finally decided to test out this “phenomenal” product to see what the hype was and it’s safe to say I’ve been obsessed for nearly two years. 

Hair History: 98% of the time I’m a brunette but during the summer I love to go lighter even though I go right back to a chocolate brown almost immediately. In Summer 2014, I ombred my hair for the first time which did a great deal of damage to the ends of my hair because of all the bleach that had to be used. (This is my favorite hair color. I loved everything about it and miss it everyday!)  Luckily with ombre, you just chop your ends off and move on to whatever idea you have next for your hair.10622848_10152261047642548_6754728272811646984_nDuring the fall, my next idea was to cut it shorter and ombre it again.. mind you, my hair was almost to my waist. I had my hair cut about 5 inches so the damage was done to most of my hair.IMG_3516I got sick of it and dyed it back dark brown a month later. Then a few months later I dyed it even darker. And so the cycle continues…

Summer 2015 rolls around and I decided I wanted to ombre my hair AGAIN. So I go back to the hairdresser who did my hair the first time around (big mistake.) He screwed up my hair so badly that I was hysterically crying for an hour after. I went back the next day, he tried to fix it and failed. Later that week, I went to another place my friend recommended and thankfully my hair was fixed but my hair wasn’t ombred… I was basically blonde. Okay, I wasn’t blonde, I was bronde. I can’t say this was my favorite look at all, looking back I kind of hate it but at the time it was alright. IMG_8498So after a ton of money spent on hair that I wasn’t 100% satisfied with and 4 months of this strange golden blonde brown color (aka bronde), I went back to dark brown for Fall. My hair has been through a lot within the past few years and to help get my hair back to how it was before, I have been using coconut oil. I usually completely cover my hair in coconut oil and keep it in my hair for a good 12 hours (I sleep with it for the best results.) The next day I wash it out by shampooing twice and then I use just a little conditioner because if you use too much your hair will be very noticeably oily. When blowdrying your hair you will not only feel the difference but you’ll see it too. Coconut oil locks in moisture causing your hair to be instantly shinier and it also helps prevent breakage. Since using it more often, I notice my hair is so much healthier (I also stopped dying my hair and chopped it off BUT coconut oil is the reason why my hair is so shiny!) Now that I’ve gone over a year without dying my hair, I can truly say my hair is finally healthy. Thanks to chopping my hair off Kendall Jenner style, I owe the strength and shine of my hair all to coconut oil. I highly suggest everyone to start using this magic in a jar. Not only is it fantastic for your hair but it’s also amazing for your skin! It’s honestly the best, very inexpensive and you can pick it up at your local CVS/Walgreen’s/supermarket. 

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