Southern Charm Pt.2

Since a snowstorm is currently hitting the North East, I’m dreaming what it would be like to be in Charleston right now: sunny blue skies, 60 degree weather, this all sounds wonderful.When my friends and I went for the weekend, the weather was a bit chillier than expected so I only brought a wool coat and boots. No overpacking this time! The second day we were there it was a little warmer, I wore this airy knitted LF sweater with a Free People tank underneath, Free People jeans and you guessed it, Free People boots. I kept my outfits nice and simple as I really didn’t want to check a bag.It was nice to wear sunglasses again since it’s been dreary in the NYC area for weeks. The weather has either been pouring rain or gloomy and now it’s snowing (I absolutely hate the snow.) Aside from the weather and food, I love the architecture in Charleston and everywhere in general. My favorite thing to do when going to new cities is taking a look at different homes and buildings. I find it fascinating how every city in the U.S. was influenced by different countries that settled here and you can see it by just looking at a building. Hard to walk on but cobblestone streets are my favorite. The ironwork at this gorgeous home turned B&B, was inspired by the French (and the people who originally lived here, inspired Gone With the Wind’s main characters!) You can see this type of style in New Orleans the most as well as Savannah.Unfortunately, I was only able to be in Charleston for 3 days but I’m looking forward to my next trip back – which I’m hoping is sooner rather than later!  


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