Southern Charm

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a post so happy 2017 everyone!I recently went on a girls’ trip to the beautiful city of Charleston and had the best time. This was my first time visiting and it’s safe to say Charleston has taken Boston’s number one spot on my list. It was a very last minute trip so my friends and I didn’t thoroughly plan what we wanted to do. We visited some great restaurants (shrimp & grits may be my new favorite dish,) went on a walking tour of the city, visited some landmarks like Rainbow Row (the first women realtors flipped these homes many years ago!) and of course experienced the nightlife but we weren’t able to visit everything we should’ve – we’re obviously going back asap. There’s not one thing I disliked about Charleston. Everything from the food to the architecture to the people were amazing. I truly do miss the food though – forever dreaming of sweet tea and cheesy grits. As far as outfits go, I kept it pretty simple. It was slightly chillier than expected so I brought a couple sweaters and pairs of jeans. I, not purposely, ended up packing cream and green outfits for the first two days. Here, I kept warm with an adorable cold shoulder chunky turtleneck from Missguided and a wool coat my sister found on Mercari from Anthropologie. I paired these with jacquard printed olive pants also from Anthropologie and old Free People boots. It’s only been a week and I’m itching to go back! My favorite places to visit are always full of history and Charleston has 300 year old buildings still in tact. In my next post, I’ll share some more pictures of this beautiful city!

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