Ch-ch changes

The fall is all about change and with the leaves changing colors and weather finally getting cooler, my blog now has a new look and name – The Style Foxx. Originally, I started this blog as an outlet to show my personal style and I felt that Palm Leaves & Pine Trees didn’t really embody what I was/am going. So welcome to my “new” blog and read below for more details on what I wore to New York’s own Oktoberfest!


It’s finally fall and I’ve never been happier! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love summer. I love going to the beach as frequently as possible, outdoor concerts and music festivals, wearing sandals everyday and having frozen drinks during rooftop happy hours are some of my favorite things to do – but there’s something about the fall that makes me my happiest. Aside from beautiful weather, leaves changing colors and Halloween, fall fashion is what I look forward to the most. I love being able to wear cozy sweaters and boots everyday and not feel like I’m melting – summer I still love you but I don’t miss you and won’t miss you until January.


This past Sunday, my friends and I went to Oktoberfest in New York. Spending Sunday with friends and enjoying the weather with some delicious “Cidre” is definitely a positive way to end the weekend! Since we were outside the entire day and we’re experiencing some warmer weather on the east coast, I wore a tee shirt from Urban Outfitters with a fringe Forever 21 sweater and skinny Free People cargo pants (similar.) I paired my outfit with one of my favorite pair of boots I purchased at Free People a few years ago and rose gold “Lennon” Ray Bans.



Though everything I wore in this outfit is from past seasons, I did wear something new – Glossier Generation G in “Like.” When it comes to makeup, I’m pretty lazy and I’m also allergic to most makeup brands/ have eczema, so I’ve never tried anything creative on my face. I stumbled upon Glossier on Instagram and decided to browse their site. If you’ve heard of Emily Weiss and her site Into the Gloss, you’ll know about Glossier (she also was Teen Vogue’s super intern on The Hills!!)

Glossier is a hypoallergenic, paraben-free, cruelty-free, dermatologist tested skincare/makeup line that is basically every lazy girl’s dream. Naturally, I bought two Generation G colors, “Like” and “Cake” and fell absolutely in love (especially with Like.) This lipstick keeps my lips moisturized all day and the formula is nice and creamy. If you’re looking for something to wear on an everyday basis that’s light and gives a bit of color, Generation G is for you.


As if I need to stress this again, Fall is my favorite so I’m looking forward to all the fun fall activities I still have planned for this season and of course writing about them!

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