Love, Love Me Do

Aside from fashion, music is my biggest passion (and home decorating but that’s a post yet to be written.) I have a pretty peculiar music taste where I absolutely love anything from The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix to Tupac and 50 Cent, Above & Beyond and Tiesto, all the way to Ariana Grande and Britney Spears (I’m a 90’s kid, gotta love that teen pop.) The reason why I love classic rock so much is because that’s just the music I grew up listening to. My parents both grew up during the best times to be alive (60’s and 70’s) so that musical era heavily influenced both my sister and I.

My mom was a disco queen, going to the coolest clubs in NYC wearing wrap dresses and platforms (I thank her for my love of clothing and home decor) and my dad was that guy who danced to Earth Wind & Fire but his heart and soul was and still is Lennon, Jagger, Morrison, and Hendrix. When my mom texted me telling me that Paul McCartney was coming to New Jersey, I knew I had to go with my dad. I bought him tickets for Father’s Day and excited wasn’t even the word to describe his reaction. Finally, the day had come and I knew I had to wear something Beatles related.


I decided to wear all black which is my go-to 85% of the time. In honor of Sir Paul, I wore a cropped Beatles tank top from Forever 21 pairing it with high waisted soft shorts from Asos and old sandals from Urban Outfitters (similar.) I last minute decided I didn’t want to wear ALL black so I added a camel colored wide brim hat (also Forever 21) and I was good to go.


The concert was phenomenal, not that I expected anything less. Paul sang so many Beatles hits as well as his own. I was more there for the Beatles songs since my all time favorite song is Something written by my favorite Beatle, George Harrison. Paul dedicated songs to John and George and even Jimi Hendrix, sharing personal memories about each of them.



*You could hear me singing in some of these so please excuse my high pitched screaming *

Overall, it was amazing to be able to see Paul McCartney since he and the rest of The Beatles paved the way for each and every artist we listen to today. Sharing this experience with the reason why I love The Beatles so much was definitely the best part of it!


What’s your favorite Beatles song? Leave a comment below!

♡ Olivia

P.S (again): I’m going to see Blink 182, ADTR, All Time Low, and The All American Rejects this Sunday with my boyfriend and friends – woohoo! … And I’m going to see Kanye West in September (again!!) AND Drake/Future in October, so I’m having a very fun-filled end of summer music fest that I am so excited to share with you all – and of course my outfit choices.

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