No More Parties in LA

This was my favorite part of my LA experience: the Pacific Ocean. A huge reason why I love the summer is because going to the beach is my favorite thing to do. The ocean is such a relaxing place, something about the mix of salt water, sound of waves crashing, and the warm sun, puts my mind at ease. Being from New Jersey, our beaches aren’t as beautiful as the ones in Southern California, Miami (which I went to last year and absolutely fell in love,) or anywhere really but they are our beaches and I try to spend as much time at them during the summer months as possible. Because I was visiting one of my friends, we spent a large amount of this trip experiencing the night life LA has to offer (which is why I referenced Kanye’s song in this post title.) This day was my favorite because we took time to enjoy the beauty in front of us.


The weather in LA was pretty chilly for what I was expecting. I wore an old Free People flannel, a tee from UO, my favorite AG jeans, and white high top Converse (not pictured.) We actually couldn’t spend a long time at the beach because it was so cold.


Earlier that day, we went to Malibu and drove up this winding road to the top of a mountain. I’m terrified of heights so I wanted to cry the entire way up but once we were there the view was beautiful.


The constant hustle and bustle of Manhattan has made me appreciate nature so much more. Though I am a very fast-paced person and have 0 to little patience, I appreciated the slower pace that California has to offer. I’m excited to go back and explore more of this beautiful state.

Listen to No More Parties in LA here (the best song on TLOP!)

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