Something Navy

Since graduating in 2013, I have worked only in retail/fashion. First, I was an assistant manager at Free People (my favorite store,) then left the retail world to enter the corporate world working in wholesale for Fossil Group. After some time, I realized sales really wasn’t for me and decided to take a step back to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Now I’m working as a recruiter specifically in PR & Communications. With this new territory, I’ve had to dress a little less boho/grunge and a little more corporate. Since this is my first time recruiting, I’ve been brought to many meetings where I have to dress appropriately and the ripped jeans/Docs combo isn’t exactly meeting appropriate.


Slowly I am becoming more Anthropologie than Free People which I feel comes with age. I remember being in college working at Anthro as a sales associate and not knowing how to dress because all I owned were crop tops, cut offs, and oversized sweaters that I paired with a lacy bralette. I still wear all those things, I just can’t wear them to work like I did when I worked at FP.

I usually only wear Chapstick or a light pink/nude (even mauve) so wearing such a bold red was new for me and it made me slightly uncomfortable. Have I worn it since this day? No I haven’t BUT it’s a good color to have and I’m sure I’ll wear it again… eventually.


Coat – Forever 21

Shirt & Pants – Anthropologie

Loafers & Bag– Free People

Watch – Burberry

Lipstick – Bite Beauty in Red Velvet


♡ Olivia


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